“Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you are.” (ancient Chinese proverb)

My name is Linda Philip and I am a mental health social work counsellor and therapist. I have been in private practice for 15 years and helped thousands of people to find deep inner peace, acceptance and transformation.

I use some of the most powerful natural modalities, tools and processes available to create long-lasting personal change.

I combine these techniques in unique ways to suit to each individual and according to their journey, as issues arise and are overcome.

In 2011 I launched, an online international tele-summit bringing together 10 world renowned teachers and developers of powerful personal change processes.

I am compassionate and non-judgmental but I will also challenge those things that keep you stuck and limited.

I specialise in working with people who have compulsive/emotional food habits – i.e. either under or over eating tendencies.

I was a founding member of EFTAP the Australian energy practitioners network and am a current committee member.


Bachelor of Social work

Practitioner of TFT

Practitioner of EFT

Practitioner of Faster EFT

Practitioner of NLP

Advanced Theta Healing

Advanced Reference point therapy

Tapas acupressure technique

Access consciousness-BARS

Fast track hypnosis

Magicians way

Forensic healing